Cellulose Fine Filter High-quality, standard filter with high filtration efficiency. Epoxy-treated for improved resistance to humidity and other elements. Polyester Fine Filter High-quality filter with exceptional resistance to most elements. Particularly suitable for applications where there is high humidity, for example in machining and tooling shops where cutting and cooling fluids are used. The filter can be washed. HEPA H13 Filter On many models a separate HEPA filter is fitted, after the fine filter. The HEPA filter is made of fibreglass with a support layer of cellulose. The filtration efficiency of 99.9%. according to EN 1822-1 ensures that even the smallest particles are separated. In applications requiring special filter materials, standard filter configurations can be ordered with alternative materials. Note: When replacing filters, the filter holder gasket must always be checked and cleaned. Check that there are no leaks.
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