Substantial savings can be realised by installing a Dustcontrol system. Capture of the dust at source contributes to an improved working environment, higher productivity – shorter clean-up, cleaner process and improved product quality. Dustcontrol´s systems are used for three main purposes – source extraction, cleaning and material transportation. These three functions are often combined in a single extraction system. Each system is unique and adapted to the production process any special requirements of energy saving, conformity to ATEX/NFPA directives, health and safety legislations. It is helpful to view the extraction system as a supply system just like those for electricity, compressed air, etc. In some cases it can serveto solve major problems, but even if this is not the case, the high-effiency cleaning equipment, the ability to collect and transport material away and the ability to capture pollutants right at the source will improve the day-to-day operations, year in and year out.
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Documents for Stationary Vacuum Systems

Dustcontrol Industry Catalogue

DC 11-Module
The DC 11-Module is a complete central unit for source...
The DC 11-Module XL is a complete central unit for source extraction...
The DC HEPA box is intended to be used as...
Easy to mount on top of an existing S11000 ,...
RAF 1600/2500
Singel stage direct driven radial blowers.
RAF 2501
Applied in extraction systems requiring large air flows for lighter...
RAF 2502
Applied in extraction systems requiring large air-flows such as systems...
RAF 2503
Pressure gene­ration is achieved through two series connected stages.
S 34000
The S 21000 and S 34000 are constructed of modules...
S 34000 EX
The S 34000 EX is a high vacuum dust collector...
Direct driven single stage units.
Direct driven twin impeller parallel series con­nected unit.
Belt driven units.
Direct driven twin impeller parallel series con­nected units.
Series connected two stage belt driven units.
Turbo Pumps – Vacuum Relief Valve