DC Reach is a high level cleaning system with a range of cleaning brushes and tools to make cleaning of dust and other materials quick and easy. DC Reach can easily be mounted to a mobile dust extractor or a vacuum system. Additional tools from our wide range of accessories can also be connected.
  • DC Reach Standard Ø38mm (7600)
  • DC Reach Atex Ø38mm (7620)

Efficient, easy and safe cleaning

Traditionally, cleaning at heights required the use of hydraulic lifting aids, work platforms, and a minimum of two people to ensure safety. However, this arduous task can now be efficiently accomplished by a single individual using the revolutionary DC Reach system.

DC Reach is a high-level cleaning solution equipped with a variety of cleaning brushes and tools, making the removal of dust and other materials quick and effortless. The system utilizes carbon fiber pipes, each measuring 1.25 meters in length, ensuring durability and lightweight maneuverability.

One of the notable features of the DC Reach system is its versatile connectivity, allowing all system parts to be easily connected to each other. This enables the creation of custom forms and configurations tailored to specific cleaning needs. DC Reach can be conveniently mounted on either a mobile dust extractor or a vacuum system. Additionally, our extensive range of accessories provides the option to connect additional tools as required.

For customers who require equipment suitable for ATEX environments, we offer the DC Reach ATEX version in addition to the standard version. All components of our system are certified and compliant with the Atex directive 2014/34/EU, including ISO 80079-36:2016, ISO 80079-37, and NFPA certifications.

Combine it with our dust extractors

To enhance the performance of DC Reach, we recommend pairing it with a Dustcontrol dust extractor. The DC 1800 range and the DC 2900 range are highly compatible with this cleaning solution. In ATEX environments, the ideal choices would be the DC 1800 EX range and the DC 2800 EX range. The selection of the most suitable dust extractor depends on specific application requirements and the height/length of the extraction point.

Both DC Reach Standard (7600) and DC Reach Standard ATEX (7620) are delivered with 6 pipes (part no 7601 for DC Reach Standard and 7621 for the Atex version – see picture).

Dustcontrol Cleaning Accessories DC Reach Standard (7600) and DC Reach Standard ATEX (7620)

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