Whatever material, dust, chips or fumes that you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions.


Dustcontrol has been designing systems for source extraction of hazardous dust such as asbestos, silica dust and quartz within the construction industry for 40 years. With increased demands for cleanliness and efficiency, the demand for source extraction has been constantly growing.

Dustcontrol solutions minimize airborne dust, creating major health and safety advantages. They also lead to increased productivity and massive reduction in clean-up time and expense; thus greater customer satisfaction and minimum interruption.

For the construction industry Dustcontrol Canada stocks a full line of mobile dust extractor, both in single phase and three phase. Our dust extractors feature a high efficiency cyclone, conical pleated filter and individually tested and certified HEPA filter. We also stock a full array of dust shrouds for almost any tool available on the market. If we don't have a standard shroud for you, we will design a custom shroud to fit your specific needs. Dustcontrols mobile line is robust, dependable and industry tested because we understand lost time is lost money.

In addition to our mobile dust extractors, Dustcontrol Canada offers air cleaners for improving air quality in enclosed spaces. These units also include a pre-filter and HEPA filter to ensure all dangerous particulate is removed. Check out our mobile line here or contact us today to see what we can do for your construction operation.

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Particulates that are invisible to the eye can carry bacteria. This can impair the transparency of liquids or block capillaries. Working in a clean room necessitates special equipment that is antistatic and does not release dust particles.

Dustcontrol has years of experience in manufacturing central vacuum systems built to the high standards required in clean room environments. Dustcontrol can offer a complete range of different cleaning equipment, hoses, connections and nozzles, which can easily be connected to the central vacuum system, both in clean rooms and other locations.

Our central equipment for these cleaning systems include a vacuum producer, filter unit and optional pre-separator. Our larger vacuum producers feature a sound enclosure design minimizing sound pollution in the facility. Clean room industries such as pharmaceutical and chemical generally deal with corrosive material which is why Dustcontrol Canada offers stainless steel tubing for installation with these systems.

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Dustcontrol Canada supplies a complete line of dust extractors capable of handling large volumes of almost any dust. Food processing can be a very messy procedure with dust generation occurring at all stages. This can become very problematic for housekeeping procedures, production, waste generation, product quality or in worse case explosion risk. Dustcontrol Canada can provide your food processing plant with a high quality reliable system for source extraction, general cleanup or both. We provide both mobile and stationary options with a very diverse line of accessories. Our mobile machines feature both a high efficiency cyclone and conical pleated filter and are complete with individually tested HEPA filter. If a central system is a better fit we supply sound enclosed regenerative blowers and radial blowers offering high dependability, long service life and minimal service requirements. To complete any central cleaning or source extraction system a properly sized filter will be installed before the vacuum producer with an optional pre-separator (depending on dust loading). To reduce the footprint of our installation we offer some unitized central equipment such as the popular DC 11 Module. These units have the filter unit built on the same chassis as the enclosed vacuum producer and are complete with automatic filter cleaning.

At Dustcontrol Canada we work to provide the best service possible from the initial site visit to the final installation. With our in house CAD systems we can easily convey our design ideas as well as show you what your installation will look like with a 3D rendering.

Using Dustcontrol products to perform vacuum cleaning or dust extraction on flour, chips, oil spills and other unhealthy substances will improve productivity minimize loss and increase saftey. Call us today to see what we can do for your food processing operation!

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Within waste management and furnace facilities there are several application areas where modern source extraction and material transport systems can improve the overall operations and lead to cost savings; e.g. by making use of the generated heat to reduce heating expenses.

Dustcontrol has provided systems all over the world to filtrate and collect hazardous gases and waste materials and transport them to their designated areas. Pre-separators are also used to separate liquid from metals.

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The aviation & automotive industry have several application areas where efficient dust extraction and cleanliness is a must these could include FOD (foreign object damage) control, composite fabrication, wood handling, coating and painting, just to name a few.

Source extraction systems for automotive and aviation industry will typically include standard central equipment coupled with either standard cleaning accessories and shrouds or custom built components. Dustcontrol standard shrouds or suction casings are designed to fit almost any grinding, cutting, drilling or sanding tool on the market. If we don't have a standard suction casing to fit your automotive or aviation operation we will custom engineer one for you. Our central equipment usually consists of a regenerative blower or radial blower and a filter unit featuring conical pleated filters. In some applications where large amounts of material are collected or where material recovery is desired a cyclonic pre-separator will be installed with the central equipment. With our in house CAD system we have the ability to design and convey our ideas directly to you allowing better coordination during the project life.

Dustcontrol Canada has worked with some of the industry's leading automotive and automotive parts manufacturers within Canada. Our involvement with these companies have been integration with robot arms, cutting cells, grinding operations, weld spatter removal and general cleaning. If you have a dust problem in your facility we can help.

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The metal work and fabrication industry has numerous applications requiring source extraction at the tool end. Dustcontrol Canada stocks a large selection of dust shrouds designed to fit almost any tool on the market. Large quantities of dust, debris, metal chips and strips can be produced which need to be extracted and transported away from the breathing zone. To remove these particulates either a mobile dust extractor or centralized system can be used. Sometimes recycling of the material is required to save cost, Dustcontrol provides equipment which can assists with material recycling.

Dustcontrol Canada and our parent company in Sweden have been serving the metal and manufacturing industry for years. These years of experience have led to numerous standard solutions to various applications engineered to simply work. In addition to standard solutions Dustcontrol is always innovating and creating custom solutions where a standard solution would not be sufficient. Whether it is a small mobile machine or large central installation Dustcontrol Canada can help you with your needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for your metal work and fabrication process.

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Within a printing and postpress production a large amount of dust and waste in the form of paper strips and liquids are generated. This material must be dealt with to not only streamline production and increase efficency, but to also improve quality.

Dustcontrol supplies printers and postpress operations all over the world with dust extraction, material transport and cleaning systems which work to improve total production process and lead to shorter downtime. These systems require a suction casing to be placed at each area where the paper is cut or within ink trays. At these locations a valve can be afixed which gives an easy outlet for general cleanup. Custom fit casings enable the paper dust and ink to be captured directly at the source of its production saving time and money.

If you have a printing press operation and you want to improve your efficenecy and quality call us at 1-877-844-8784 or reach us by email at

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Source Extraction and General Cleaning Systems

Whatever material, dust, chips, or fumes that you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions.

Source extraction is the concept of capturing dust at the source before it becomes airborne. Throughout the years, Dustcontrol has established itself in the industrial vacuum industry as an expert in process integration using source extraction. Dustcontrol Canada and our parent company have provided solutions to a wide variety of customers, solving their unique dust problems. Some of these include automobile manufacturers, printing presses, food processing plants, pharmaceutical industries, construction, metal fabrication, waste management, and carpentry.

Dustcontrol Canada supplies both mobile and stationary dust extraction solutions to our end customers. At Dustcontrol Canada we work to provide you with the right solution, not just an out-of-the-box unit. Although some applications already have standard solutions in place we understand that sometimes custom-built systems are required to integrate into your operation. We take pride in supplying high-quality, reliable, and properly engineered systems to all our customers.

Our product range comprises of mobile dust extractors for industrial and construction usages, filter units, pre-separators, air cleaners, central vacuum systems, accessories and discharge arrangements. Our mobile dust extractors come in both single phase and three phase models and include high quality pre-filters and individually tested HEPA filters. Dustcontrol dust shrouds are widely used in the construction industry because they are made of durable lightweight steel not plastic like some. For our larger central installations Dustcontrol Canada offers both regenerative blowers and radial fan units which are not only dependable and industry tested, but also have minimal service requirements and an exceptional service life. Dustcontrol Canada has systems in the automotive, metal manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry which have been in service for nearly 20 years.

Dustcontrol Canada has been in service for over 30 years and Dustcontrol as a company over 50 years experience in developing products worldwide for special applications. Customization is often a necessity for stationary casings, for example; printing machines, food processing machines, and other automated production lines. Dustcontrol has international brand representation, this lends itself to the establishment of a huge knowledge base which is collaborated between our different locations worldwide. If Dustcontrol Canada hasn’t directly dealt with your application chances are that somewhere worldwide one of our global partners has. If not, we are always looking for new challenges to solve in an effort to supply all industries with dust free production.

Check out some of industries we serve below or contact us today to inquire about how we can best serve you!

Aviation & Composite

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